Innovation in infection prevention is the password of XMed: Contributing to a better world is what Carlo Alberto Bosi, President of XMed, aims at. His vision is anything but vague and just declarative; it is very concrete and in fact, with his team of researchers, Carlo Alberto works towards continuing innovation. innovating in order to prevent both hospital-acquired infections and the effects of a non-green business on all of us.

What does it mean innovating for XMed? It means first of all studying, updating themselves and the products accordingly. It means using new and environmentally sustainable materials. It means both finding the most practical and best financial solutions for professionals who daily use their covers and offering a safer service for patients.

Thus, XMed commitment is topical. As reported by Italian press during the last days, cuts in healthcare are expected in the next Finance Act in order to avoid wastes.

From this idea of ​​innovation and social participation to spreading a culture of prevention, the Company’s range of medical devices is born. Continue to follow us, then! Soon, we will present the latest products designed by XMed.

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