She was mentioned among the 150 Italian women whose work deserves to be followed: Margherita Vizio, CEO of XMed, appeared last August 15th on StartupItalia!, an online magazine dedicated to innovation and Italian start-ups.

It was not her first public appearance: her commitment for safety in healthcare, which she transferred into the Company she manages with her husband Carlo Alberto Bosi, has made her one of the 6 finalists of GammaDonna 2017 Award, a competition aiming at enhancing women and young entrepreneurs attitude towards innovation.

The innovative strength of Margherita lies in her experience: former nursing manager and president of the National Nursing Association for Hospital-Acquired Infections Prevention, Margherita has worked at XMed on “products that could combine the real needs of healthcare operators with those of patients and with safety in healthcare”, as she explains in the interview given to GammaDonna Association and published on 21st November 2017:

Margherita could not miss to pay particular attention to women and gynaecology; so, XMed product range has been enriched with a specific line for hysteroscopy, which has been granted as utility model patent and has obtained CE mark IIA class medical device.

«Strength – Vision – Team»: These are Margherita’s keywords – shared with her husband – identifying a flexible Company, attentive to the needs of its employees, who have been trained and pushed towards that sense of responsibility making them self-employed, critical and capable of contributing to business development. This is XMed.

For further information about XMed specific product line for isteroscopy interventions, click here.

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