TRACHEO S.E.T. Safe & Easy Tracheostomy

Anesthesia and Resuscitation

The innovative forceps in Tracheostomy

The dilating forceps that allows the combination of the Griggs and the Ciaglia technique, gaining their full advantages and eliminating their disadvanteges.

Why choose TRACHEO S.E.T. Safe & Easy Tracheostomy ?


  • The forceps works through compression and not traction
  • A valve allows the passage of the guide wire, without losing it
  • The shape of the forceps is similar to a mono-dilator


  • Better control during the stoma formation
  • Possibility to adjust the maximum opening of the forceps
  • Fast and simple procedure for cannula insertion
TRACHEO S.E.T. Safe & Easy Tracheostomy
TRACHEO S.E.T. Safe & Easy Tracheostomy

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