In everyday life, bacteria often keep us company, without being too aware of it.

In fact, our home kitchen is a place with a high bacteriological risk: it is possible for salmonella, escherichia coli and listeria to hide. In a recent study by Parma University, it has been estimated that more than half of food toxic infections derives from the poor hygienic conditions during storage and preparation of food.

Even in food management during its purchase, conservation and preparation, there are some aspects that we have to be more aware of, in order to prevent the proliferation of bacteria harmful to health.

Here are some simple precautions:

1. When bringing home purchases, use a thermal bag to avoid interrupting the food cold chain that requires controlled temperatures;

2. The refrigerator preserves food, making bacterial proliferation impossible; but this means that even the bacteria that are already present in food are punctually stored! This is why it is necessary to make sure that food entered into our fridge is well preserved since the time of purchase.

3. In order for the refrigerator to perform its function correctly, the coldest part of this appliance must be set at a temperature below 5 ° C;

4. In order to be sure to consume purchased food within its expiry date, it can be helpful to put all food with the same expiry date on the same fridge shelf

5. During food preparation, the ingredients should only be removed from the refrigerator at the last moment before use

6. Cooked foods should be placed in the refrigerator within one hour of preparation, making sure that they have cooled in the meantime

7. The air must be able to circulate freely in the refrigerator: for this reason, it is important not to fill it too much.

A few more precautions can therefore be enough to guarantee a healthier life, free from food toxins.

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