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In its Information Campaign, XMed is offering us an overview of the different declinations of the PREVENTION and SAFETY IN HEALTCARE subject.

Today, the attention goes to healthcare workers and the related risk of respiratory infections they are exposed to more than others – included, given the season, influenza. In the light of the therapeutic alliance so important to XMed, being attentive to their health is how healthcare professionals can contribute to their relatives’ and patients’ safety (children and elders are the most exposed), supported by the healthcare system.

This matter is closely linked to health but also economic considerations. Last October, for the first time in Italy, data concerning costs of influenza (and of recurring influenza-like infections) were presented by the Italian Society of Pneumology (SIP): families will spend 8.6 billion euros and the State 2.1 billion.

The issue is under observation by the Health Institutions and Centres for Research not only in Italy. The ISAC Infection Control Study Group has already studied the matter and it is now launching a new survey you can find HERE. What they highlight most is the need of a cultural change in approaching the problem.

If you do not have already read them, please review the articles published by XMed to gather further information on the different aspects of this delicate and existing issue.

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