On the occasion of the International Infection Prevention Week 2018, XMed renews its commitment to raising awareness on the issue, sharing some useful advice from the Healthcare Institutions.

But first, a brief background: an always growing amount of economic resources and information are being assigned to infection prevention matter. The Italian Ministry of Health, through the National Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CCM), is working on a useful framework meant to standardize methods of surveillance of healthcare associated infections and thus to ensure safer practices for patients.

Hospital-acquired infections are the most frequent and serious complication of healthcare. Recurring infections are pneumonia, urinary tract infections, surgical site infections and bacteraemia; transmission is usually spread through direct contact between healthy and infected people, through body fluids or through a contaminated instrument (endoscopes or surgical instruments and others).

To reverse this trend, just start paying more attention to basic hygiene: hand washing for example. Italy, since 2006, has been participating in the World Health Organization Project “Clean care is safer care”: a project promoting the distribution of educational and informative material on how to correctly wash the hands and pushed its implementation by healthcare personnel with encouraging results.

XMed, with their products, contributes to a more hygienic and safer work by healthcare professionals. And they also recommend this simple but explanatory brochure produced by the WHO Hand Hygiene: Why, How & When?

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