XMed has arrived on LinkedIn! It is time for this dynamic Company based in Mirandola (MO), active in biomedical sector, to make itself known to its community.

Carlo Alberto Bosi and Margherita Vizio, owners of XMed, have a lot to tell us: how the Company have grown, what inspires them, how they interact with the market and the people, besides the purpose of their products. A jewel of Biomedical, constantly innovating and developing.

So let’s start from XMed’s heart, from their “Why”: healthcare and prevention of infections.

Since the beginning, Carlo Alberto and Margherita have clearly expressed their objective, that is contributing to reduce hospital-acquired infections. Margherita was, for nine years, president of the Italian Association that deals with healthcare-associated infections and she knows the problem very well.

Since 2001 – when XMed was founded – they have boosted Research and Development, creating a range of products – disposable endoshaft covers – to be used in Gynecology, Urology and Otorhinolaryngology.

Their care about the issue is fully expressed in their line of medical devices, designed to facilitate the work of healthcare professionals, providing sterile non-time-consuming instruments. Their concern about healthcare and prevention is also seen in their efforts to sensitise operators and patients about the matter. XMed aim at strengthening the therapeutic alliance they are part of, being sure that this could contribute to reduce a problem – hospital-acquired infections – that causes up to about 7,000 deaths per year in Italy, according to the 2017 data given by the Italian Institute of Health.

An important and consistent “Why”, therefore, motivates XMed. Continue to follow them on LinkedIn, to find out more about the Company, and visit the Facebook page they support Healthcare & Prevention.

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