To prevent infections in our daily lives, there are some precautions that it would be good to take for ourselves and for our loved ones.

Here is a brief Decalogue:

  1. Wash your hands: this is essential before and after food preparation, before eating and after using the toilet. Also, avoid as much as possible to touch your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands, to prevent the entry of germs into our body.
  2. Vaccinate yourself: immunization drastically reduces the contraction of diseases. Stay up-to-date on the recommended vaccinations, both for you and your children.
  3. Stay home when you are sick: avoid going to work if you are vomiting, if you have diarrhea or fever. Do not send your children to school if they show these symptoms.
  4. Prepare your food safely: keep the counter and other kitchen surfaces clean when you prepare your meals. Cook the food at the right temperature: for minced meat at least at 71°C and for other meat at least 63°C. Leftovers must be immediately stored in the fridge or freezer.
  5. Practice safe sex: Always use condoms if you or your partner have a history of sexually transmitted infections or high-risk behavior.
  6. Do not share personal items: use your own toothbrush, comb and razor only. Avoid sharing glasses and cutlery.
  7. Travel responsibly: if you want to travel abroad, ask your doctor about special vaccinations which may be required yellow fever, cholera, hepatitis A or B, typhus.
  8. Sneeze and cough by shielding with the inside of your elbow: you will avoid spreading microbes in the environment and through the hands.
  9. Use single-use medical devices: if you are dealing with syringes, gauze, patches and other medical devices, make sure that they are only used once and then immediately thrown away in the trash.
  10. In case of hospital stay: ask for room cleaning whenever you think it is necessary and remind your relatives and friends visiting you to carry out the procedures of washing the hands with the appropriate liquid, both at their arrival and at the their leave.

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